Ricardo Carrilero
Manager / Director.

After 35 years in technical and management positions, has worked in almost all and every duty, from industrial production, to technical, and general management.

Passionate about efficiency and innovation, got patents for automotive and aeronautical sectors, and has always found innovation as a key to success in any business, and any area of the company.

“Usual Methods always give usual results. This is pure science …and an ingrained habit

Mechanical Tech. engineering, Industrial Organization. Polytechnic Madrid University, 1.982
Master in Urban Mobility, Juan Carlos King University, Madrid, 2.008
Master in Planning, Economy and Operation of Urban and Metropolitan Transportation, Pablo de Olavide University, Seville, 2015

Before being independent, he shared his enthusiasm with other companies:

ITS España  www.itsspain.com (Intelligent Transport Systems) collaborating for standardization of several ITS systems and technologies as:

  • multi operator Automatic Vehicle Management Systems (AVMS),
  • NFC for Public Transport,
  • Spanish and International Contact-less Card (TESC / TISC),
  • Transport Journey Planner on the cloud,
  • Open Data for Public Transport. (Public and Private sectors 2.014 – today),
  • among many others.

Director / lecturer course for cost reduction on fleet management for Public Transport operators (ITS Spain March 2.016)

Director / Secretary /Founder of MaaS Spain, “Mobility as a Service” (2.016 – today)

Technology innovation manager for Madrid Public Transport Authority, Public Transport Services (2005-2014)

Director / Technical Manager, Xcelor Consultores, responsible for design and development of automatic license plate reading system for car parks, application development and production systems (2001-2004)

Management Systems Director, technical audit and renewal of management, production and control systems, for Unidad Editorial, (El Mundo Newspaper), media (1998-2000)

Director at Ferrovial Parking Services División (later Cintra), creation of business area from scratch, development and consolidation of the services division, mobility and parking (1996-1998)

Project Manager and Technical Director at Dornier, mobility and parking (Now part of Cintra) (1991-1996)

Mechanical Team Manager at Prematecnica, heavy industries, petrochemical and process equipment supplier and installer (1989-1991)

Responsible for work measurement, process and methods engineer for Peña Vargas, furniture and metal manufacturing (~1985-1988)

Technical crew, precision equipment build and assembly, prototype design testing and manufacturing, avionics for free flight and sport aviation, analog electronics (~1981-1987)

He continues to incorporate automation and technology in nearly every of their duties as:

  • Implementation, control, approval and homologation of all and every HW & SW supplier for “Modernization Plan for the Intercity 2.000 Buses network” (Law 5/2009) Madrid Regional Public Transport Authority (2005-2014)
  • First indoor “WiFi based” location system for buses in transport interchanges (CRTM awarded by UITP 2010).
  • Multi purpose wifi secure system over “wifi location network” for shared security, crew communications and surveillance CCTV in transport interchange buildings (CRTM~2008).
  • On board Emergency remote surveillance system Officially Approved for night buses (CRTM~2007).
  • Functional Test and homologation of every and all ticketing systems suppliers for the Intercity 2.000 Buses network under “Modernization Plan” for Madrid Regional Public Transport Authority (CRTM 2011-2014).
  • Development of IT Tools for deciphering, reading and validating certified secure transactions for ticketing systems of Madrid Regional Public Transport Authority (CRTM ~2013-2014).
  • Prototyping, mockup and feasibility tests for a Shared Resources AVMS system supported on middle to high tech equipment (CRTM 2006-2008).
  • CEO, responsible of creation, from scratch, of “Ferrovial Aparcamientos Services Division” (later Cintra), responsible for general management, tenders, contracts and operation (1996-1999).
  • Design and development of one of first on board “next-stop information system” and real time news delivery for more than 150 buses at Barcelona Urban Bus Operator (TMB) based on ad-hoc digital short-range radio beacons and long range pager networks, (Dornier – Femet – 1993-1995).
  • Design, development and deployment of first traffic and parking fine automated imposition collection and management system, spread over more than 30 spanish cities (Dornier – Femet – 1992).
  • Project manager and technical Director for Dornier, responsible for procurement, operation and control technology development across the company (1.991-1996).
  • Calculation computer programs for pressure vessels according to ASME code for petrochemical sector (Prematecnica ~1990)
  • Design and development of the first engineering task management system for industrial equipment projects on DOS personal computers (PC-8088) for the petrochemical industry (Prematecnica ~1989).
  • Design and development of the first integrated management system based on personal computers for Hotel establishments over local area networks on DOS based computers (PC-8088) (Informatización de Empresas, SA ~1985-1988).
  • Computerized system design for production and productivity control of “workers and  teams”, machining equipment and manufacturing plants, “Philips 4000 System” and further migration to dbase DOS PC computers (Peña Vargas, ~1983-1985)

Besides their ordinary utility, which stubbornly demand every boss and client, all these and other projects were exciting research and discovery adventures, plenty of setbacks, mistakes, successes and satisfactions that met their worldly pursuits and often blazed common and trite trails today, but then they all were extremely exciting and enriching challenges, (…and very profitable as well).


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