Trans-it condenses transformation, innovation, technology … also transportation, and their technologies (its), and 35 years dedicated to improve effectiveness, efficiency, new and better services, as well as profitability.

Nearly 35 years of total commitment, improvement of processes, results and optimization of companies and business units in sectors like manufacturing, petroleum, media, transport and Public Administration.

Comprehensive experience in management and innovation,  allows optimal processes, efficient services and innovative products. This raised leadership of the firms with viable, reasoned, disruptive and advanced proposals, standing out and growing significantly in their respective markets

ITS Interurban Buses Madrid Region
CRTM Interurban Day Meeting Dec. 18th 2012, Source Asintra

Trans-it is a trademark registered by the Technology Innovation Manager at Madrid Region Public Transport Authority, (Consorcio Regional de Transportes de Madrid) responsible along the years 2.005 to 2.014, of Madrid Region Public Transport Innovation Projects, from its conception until  total implantation. emphasizing the Interurban ITS Modernization Plan (external Link). (Original link:


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